Thursday, August 18, 2005

Musawwir Gowins Posted by Picasa


molly said...

Hi Musawwir,
I like this picture. i was wondering, do you know where i can purchase a picture of murshid for my home? i am starting a small 'alter' in my room and i'd like a picture of murshid. blessings.

Beatrix Kiddo said...


A Sufi huh? Ok, whatever helps one get on with things. Iam shocked to put it bluntly that any modern human would encourage me to continue a blog full of whimsical
simplicity. Thank You for you comment. I shall consider your advice. May sound odd to continue my blog for one person. I have always believed that each starfish counts, none more important than another. We shal see if Sunlight and Serenity will trudge onward.
Bye, Fellow lighthouse

jules said...

Yay Great One
ive finally arrived
the dayz r always sunny!
and filled with sweet mountain water air!!
sort of sounds like a code?
espionage is afoot!!!
Love you heaps

Shakti said...

Hey Musawwir, Shakti here. Love what you created here. Thanks again for your great kindness.

Go In LOVE~ Shakti

Leah said...

my.. what a very nice Sufi you are, Phillip Musawwir.