Wednesday, August 31, 2005

As the Hurricane Katrina blasted through Louisiana and Mississippi leaving all that devastation in its wake I, like many, watched the news feeling intensely sorry for the people who had to now deal with all of this destruction. Since it was so much closer, my psyche was naturally more affected than it was by last year’s Tsunami in SE Asia. And that affected me greatly. Normal human reaction I suppose. I was curious to know what Hazrat Inayat Khan might have said about these natural phenomena and found the following:

When one looks at the cosmos, the movements of the stars and planets, the laws of vibration and rhythm - all perfect and unchanging - it shows that the cosmic system is working by the law of music, the law of harmony. Whenever that harmony in the cosmic system is lacking in any way, then in proportion disasters come about in the world, and its influence is seen in many destructive forces which manifest in the world. If there is any principle upon which the whole of astrological law is based - and the science of magic and mysticism behind it - it is music.”

Wow. That doesn’t look so good does it? It seems to say that we create the psychic conditions that demand hurricanes or tsunamis. Some will even see these conditions with a certain delight. “See, I told you so!” That sort of thing. So, those of us with, what we might think of as, a slightly broader point of view can point at those whom we think of as creating this untenable situation with blame on our minds. Or, we can let our vision grow even broader and wonder what God is thinking about all of this.

Whenever I see things like this I am reminded of something that I read of Hazrat Inayat Khan’s about war. I can’t find the quote right now but what he essentially said was that to us war is total devastation to God war is interesting. Does God see war as rebalancing too do you think?

So, my question to you is; how do you see all of this? Do you feel a certain sense of glee or excitement in knowing that these conditions might have been self generated? Do you think that there were no hurricanes during the Jurassic period for instance? Can you conceive of what might have been the balancing necessary then? Let’s see what we can come up with.

Much Love, Musawwir


molly said...
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Sabura said...

Thing about this for a second:
God (being God), having Infinite Knowledge,
Not only knew your every thought and action
Your life would ever experience
(Even before you were born)
But He also, being the Divine Creator,
Has etched every moment of your existence
With His own hand
With the precision and care
No artist ever could.
Think about this for a moment:
I have never heard a bird or the sun
Ever say to God,
I am sorry.
There seems to be a great reward
For clear thinking:
All existence is a pawn in the Friend's hands.
Look, one gets wings and gifts to the world
Music each morning;
One turns into such an extraordinary light
He actually becomes a sustaniner of a whole planet,
One makes a thousand moons go mad with love
And blush all night
When one can surrender the illusion, the crutch, of Free will,
Though still live--for the benefit of others--
The highest moral


Hello, I am Sabura. First thing this morning I read Musawwir's latest post. Then I turned on CNN and heard a woman in the midst of the New Orlean crisis declare loudly, "Thank God!". Now I am not sure why she was thanking God, I was just warmed by the fact that she was. There is a reason and a rhyme to everything the Universe chooses to deliver. Finding that is the key to coping with what seems to be beyond the realm of understanding.....

Smiles and Hugs...Sabura

Nurelhuda said...

Everytime I see an anthill that someone steps on and sends the ants fleeing and in panic I imagine it to be like a world that faces a disaster..I then look at what happens not as the ant ( human) but from a bigger perspective.Somebody's house is wrecked and they face a lot of is not what happens to them but how they handle it.
Somebody died or was injured..I ve been through this, my husband almost died..and how did we handle it and how are we dealing with it?
People come up to me and say what bad luck and I say no what a blessing we have, how much love we found etc and etc..I also prayed that the disaster will be averted or reduced and that people would not have difficulties but I also prayed that they would handle it well...and come through it better off in some wyas even while having losses.....

RichardMichaelWilloughby said...

I wonder if someone who has come close to momentarily witness in a "Perfect" way might have the realization.... perhaps they might say "I myself am the cause of all of the suffering and evil in the world"...or something akin, due to manfesting as fallen man... and then desire to make amends for it? (climb the ladder back to God) Makes me think of the "sin-eater", or Jesus's Harrowing of Hell... Sometimes when Im in a pretty down state, I begin to realize what I am "taking" with every breath, the air, the food I eat, the impressions aquired....and I think of this (these gifts) as being at someone elses if I may be feeding on not only the dead, but also on the living (for isnt everything living?)....and aware that millions of persons sufferings, deaths and tradgedys in the past had to be brought forth just for my singular manifestation and its continued matainence.(although I also have to know that it has been brought about also by love, laughter, life and joy) and then behind/beyond it all is the realization of the One God where it all seems to make sense to me then. -Just a few scattered thoughts on this:) - Richard

Sophia said...

I was born in Germany in 1949 I remember the poverty and the ruins in the cities. And all the misery which soldiers of all involved nations and the population have suffered. War and it´s effects was a direct experience, and the result is that we don´t want war any more in any country. What I want to say is that we need the real experience of threat and fear to really understand and feel sympathy. Whether is is an inner hurricane and war or a real one. It is our chance to grow - I trust in the wisdom of the Universe and God

jules said...

Having pondered Musawwir's post and considering my slighty left of center view of the world these are my thoughts-
i believe we all have a certain awareness (light), before we take corporeal form, and that in our this non-corporeal form we choose our own destinies
for each of us there are many lessons we must learn on our journey : appreciation sympathy selflessness
i also believe that the earth herself is a living entity, and like ourselves she too is evolving and reacting to the world around her, the atmosphere, and changing accordingly. Reshaping: tectonic plate movement causeing tidal disruptions movement off earth and lava
analagy: the earth is a dog we are but the fleas on its back we react to its movement and it to ours. In all life one of the very few constants and unending certainties is change

blessed be

Sarala said...

Sarala, here, from Philadelphia.
Musawwir, you asked if I think this is self generated? Well, maybe 'mother earth' is sick and tired of our usary. I am reminded of a wise woman friend who years ago said "The mother will one day say 'enough is enough' and just pfwtuey - spit us right off of her face."
Did I feel a sense of 'excitement'? When I read your question I was surprised to remember that I had - I had thought, "Now we will see the power of nature, and know our own powerlessness in the face of it." Jurasic? Doesn't such an event as this put us pretty much right back there? All of our technology and all of our plans and all of our 'power' can't guarantee our safety. Really, when the hurricane hits, are we much better off than the creatures who existed in pre-historic times?
It wasn't until I heard that people were actually being herded into the sports arena that I felt horror for individuals. I felt fear for them - that they were being led to a giant tomb.
This morning I heard about looting and the national guard going to stop the pillage. I thought, "Why bother, all those goods will be ruined with the coming flood, let people take what then want." Then a news reporter in a hotel in the French Quarter told of a man he had shouted to on a roof several buildings away. This man had fled with his family from another 'safe' location when they were rousted by violent looters. I'm astounded.
I'm sure I'm not alone in pondering "what would I do - what would I take - where would I go?" And this is a reminder of the value(lessness) of "things".
Overall, I remember your teaching that God experiences life and humanity through each and every one of us and I am amazed and amused at the diversity of what is being 'fed' into that tremendous data bank by us and in our times.

nadja said...

once again, I don't see the quotes on the blue screen, but I do see them on the email.
I think the globe is not only affected by what we do, but has its own destiny as well, and etheric body both of which indeed are affected what what we think do and say, which I must believe since I believe we are all connected.

So here's to being a 'greener' better person, and may I have God's grace to help me.

Nurelhuda said...
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Nurelhuda said...

this is what I mean about the guns:
I am quoting these from the news:
"Donald Dudley, a 55-year-old New Orleans seafood merchant, complained that when he and other hungry refugees broke into the kitchen of the convention center and tried to prepare food, the National Guard chased them away."

"They pulled guns and told us we had to leave that kitchen or they would blow our damn brains out," he said. "We don't want their help. Give us some vehicles and we'll get ourselves out of here!"

And this:
"While refugees waited for a ride to Houston, the air ambulance service in charge of taking the sick and injured from the Superdome suspended flights after a shot was reported fired at a military helicopter."

majida said...

In answer to your question if we felt a sense of glee or excitement in knowing these conditions might have been self generated, I have to say I only felt sorrow, pity for those people suffering and shame that our country could not respond quickly. At another time while thinking of the possibilities of creating our reality, I have felt excitement. But this was for the idea or concept. The reality is tragic.

Hazrat Inayat Khan speaks of the law of cosmic harmony. It is Cosmic harmony, rather than human harmony. So, I don't think we can claim that we caused this disaster. However, we can and must have some effect with a peaceful consciousness and the love of our hearts.

Many of us are blaming the government for the slow response and rightly so. But the job of the mystic is to work first of all on the inner level with our prayers and meditations. At the same time we can do whatever we can to aid our countrymen and wowen by financial aid and our political voice. But the inner work must take precedence.

The country is feeling a great sense of anger and shame that the majority of the black poor are the only ones who are trapped amid this anarchy and filth without the basics of human necessity. So, what are we going to do? Are we going to send our love, our peace and our harmony far and wide?

averii said...

I've heard of this somewhere before

"Whatever happens, happens for a reason"

I believed that God has planned it out for us...
He put us through all kinds of hardship, pain and suffering just so we could learn or gained something from it...

This millennium has not started off really well...

First we have the sept 11 terroist attacks, and many more terrorist attacks/bombings/kidnappings in different countries after that...

Then we have Sars...
Other dieases followed soon after...
Now bird flu, who knows what is next??
Pig, cow, chicken, fish...
Vegetables are not exactly 100% safe too, with all those pesticides and chemicals around...
Will consuming food ever be safe again, or has it never been before??

The natural disasters like Tsunami, freak extreme weather patterns (probably due to global warming)and now this hurricane...

All within the span of 5 years...

"Live life to the fullest, every day is precious, you may not know when is your last"

The day World Peace comes, is the day no humans exist on Earth...

Beatrix Kiddo said...

Without Dark How Can We See The Light? One person's suffering is pain for all who exist.

Apreciation of one's good fortune is the lesson in these situation's.
I have let go of the rein's of my blog and found sunlight & serenity in your's.

Melissa said...

Melissa here, from Houston, a latecomer to this post, but itrigued by not only the original post, but the comments.

I am reminded that balance in all things brings peace. And the Earth herself must also find balance from chaos. Katrina, and subsequently Rita, may have been the Universe's attempt to right itself.

Do we individually and collectively manifest the path before us? And is the fury of the storm a mirror of the fury of the people?

In seeking answers to these, I am directed on my own path.