Monday, April 14, 2008


Julia NUR JAMIL duhrsen

August 18, 1958March 23, 2008

As most of my readers know, I have a very few people who look to me for spiritual guidance. I am not sure of the actual number but it is small, around 40 or 50 probably. Of those maybe 10 people are in fairly regular communication. On Easter Sunday last, one of them died.

Nur Jamil (Light of Beauty) was my friend. That is what it always comes down to eventually, friendship. The reason for her death is not as important as the impact her living being had on the people around her. Her life was one of constant struggle, a never ending series of very serious challenges which she not only met head on but allowed to shape her over all attitude toward life in general. Nur Jamil was one of those very rare people with no enemies. Everyone who met her went away feeling as if they had been given something precious, though often they had no idea what it was.

This past Sunday Majida and I officiated at a memorial service for Nur Jamil in Yonkers, NY. The service was held in one of those funeral home rooms that we have all been in at some point. And it was packed. There were people standing in the halls. It is rare that a Universal Worship attracts that kind of attention but of course it was not the service at all but the reason for the service. We conducted the normal service up to the point of the sermon. Then without expressing any opinion ourselves, we asked those who wished to express their feelings or thoughts about Julia. Person after person arose to stand in front of the audience and express their deep gratitude for the opportunity to know a truly innocent, totally giving individual. It was a bit strange for me to listen to since I knew her as my student and friend. She came to me for advice but apparently it was the other way round for everyone else. Listening to the deep emotion being expressed was a cathartic experience for her family and her closest friends. It was obvious that such a person, in their innocence, affects people in the most profound way, just because they are being who they are.

When everyone else was finished speaking I was moved to say just a few words. What I found myself saying was that we are all connected. We are all individuals but there is also a unity that we exist within. Occasionally a soul appears to remind us of this deep connection. Julia Nur Jamil was one such soul. I will miss her.

Love & Blessings, Musawwir