Monday, March 29, 2010


I have had several people mention to me that they cannot seem to post comments. It is true that Google has made it way too complicated. However, if you post your comment as Anonymous and sign your name I will know who it is and it makes no difference to anyone else.
Blessings, Musawwir


Jelaluddin said...

I'm checking in and checking to see how to comment.

I'm going to try the name/url method first.


Well that failed miserably without a URL, so here comes a URL.

Jelaluddin said...

It seems you need to enter a URL.
You also need to have cookies enabled.

I'm going to try an invalid and short url now:

J said...

Apparently that's a real url in Finland

if your murids and friends want to use a name they can just type their names in the top box and in the bottom.

(No need for the http:// nonsense)

I hope you and yours are well.