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I do not believe that I have ever written about my feelings on religion, other than to occasionally make mention of how I avoid it. The following story though, hit me hard. When I first joined the Sufi Order I was kind of aware of its association with Islam but, as there was no accent on religion, I ignored it. Now, things have changed. Religion is becoming an insistent presence in the Sufi Order and that disappoints me greatly. Especially its association with Islam. There is an assertion within the community that religions need to find a way to stop beating on one another, they need to come together in some manner and teach humanity how to live in peace. It is as if religion is some kind of independent entity that over sees humanity's experiences and expectations. That is silly. Religion always always responds to the culture that spawns it or pretends to depend on it. Almost never does religion actually lead to anything. There are people who are reasonable and sane and willing to listen and then there are the people who do the things related in the following story.

Mother who defied the killers is gunned down

Five weeks ago Leila Hussein told The Observer the chilling story of how her husband had killed their 17-year-old daughter over her friendship with a British soldier in Basra. Now Leila, who had been in hiding, has been murdered - gunned down in cold blood. Afif Sarhan in Basra and Caroline Davies report on the final act of a brutal tragedy

The rest of the story can be read here:


Za'ida said...

Dear Musawwir,

religion is deep frozen inspiration, enilightenment engraved in stone, converted into dogma. You know once I converted to Islam and lived in a Middle Eastern country. There I found the reality of this way of living and learned that it wouldn't be my way.

Many people really need these guidlines, may it be Islam, Christianity or whatever else.

What I want to say is in our time of change often people are looking for a constant, something that will always be the same. The credo of islam and all other religions is follow our rules and your success is granted. Too good to be true!

Before somebody asks: I'm a muslim but I don't live an 8th century lifestyle. IMHO Muhammad was the last messenger of Allah, ot to bring an unchangable doctrine but because Allah knew that we all would have to learn how to be our own messengers for ourselves.


Sarala said...

Dear M,
I read this several different times - at first I thought "but I thought religious reconciliation would be a good thing." But now I think I understand you to say that religion is just another 'external excuse' people use to blame things on. Like ETs. Or generals/bosses. Or our collective past. Or one's personal past. And that it really all comes down to, back to, central to, each individual and the choices we make right now. And how important it is for us to continue, personally, to do the work. Right now.

Anonymous said...

Good moro Musawwir
I find myself lost once again, my belief of religion is that it's original intent be based upon the teachings of basic truths rights and responsibilities of individuals. For those who follow such a life and have regard for others, it is often life filled with constant (but not overpowering) disappointment, everytime they read a newspaper, magazine, watch a television. Such items deemed newsworthy, quite frequently are those in which some individual has defiled the basic human rights of another. This type of sensationalised media coverage to an extent rewards and so breeds this type of sadistic element in society.
It does however make the people you meet who are sincere, geniuine, loving all the more precious.
love always Jules

Anonymous said...

First of all, that's not nice to put a story like this and equate it with Islam, it's plain arrogance to keep finding the worst stories that happens in the middle east and equate it with Islam, and on the other hand never finding or mentioning the good things, and this coming from a representative of a sufi order?????? and Za'ida you don't have to appologize for being a muslim to anybody, be proud of your path at least you have the courage to tread the road less traveled.
Now about religion, just for the sake of argument, imagine that these religious people with the bad and good baggage they bring with them, maybe they know something that you (and the people who erected a wall between religion and themselves)can not grasp, that is at work in this world.
There is a wise man who said just because something was misused it is not a reason not to use it.or something to that effect.

musawwir said...

Thank you for your comment. I do have to wonder however why you are anonymous. My name, my affiliation, my opinions are all public record. they are my opinions and you are free to disagree, as I believe I make clear many places. Can it be you are afraid?

Salah Eddin said...

Thank you musawwir,It was one of those comments, that a freind might tell a freind in a moment of frustration. You know for someone from the middle east living in the states,who feel bombarded with these kind of stories from every direction, it hurt me more coming from a fellow sufi, so I kind of politely lashed out.
I hope I wasn't arrogant in my thinking that i know what you think or feel.
Hazrat Inayat said you shouldn't confront someone when he says or does something wrong lest he continue in his wrong path (to)despite you.
So I hope you take my comment as your younger brother who starting in the path, and can't control his mouth (or his fingers).
Peace and Blessing

musawwir said...

Write to me privately at the email address on the blog page and we will talk it over. I understand your feelings. Perhaps we can find a way to agree.

musawwir said...

Sorry, I see it isn't there for some reason. My email is