Friday, January 11, 2008


The following is an answer I wrote to someone I guide in response to a question she asked about what to do when nothing seems to be happening. It is a question that has come up quite a bit lately so I thought I would post my response to her hoping that it might also answer someone else with the same sort of question. In deference to the individual I am not posting the original question but I do not think it is really needed.

"I think there comes a time in one's spiritual life when the illusion of one's intent begins to pale. It is as if one must go deeper but we don't know quite how to do it. Consequently we might tend to feel that our spiritual life is becoming quite meaningless. This is a place where pushing thru becomes the important thing. I think it is when the trappings no longer seem quite so important and something else must arise within us. All of the things we do are part of our support system, they are the things that we latch onto in order to make some sense of the inner turmoil of true spirituality. For awhile they make us comfortable and, for some, they are the most important thing. But eventually a person might come to understand that all of these rituals only are the bare surface of an extremely deep experience. Really, they are cultural, just as most things are. I imagine that you have reached this place. Now the real question is why go on?"
Much Love, Musawwir


Anonymous said...

I have been going through the same thing but haven't made figured things out yet.

Anonymous said...

I myself abundoned all rituals from my life for a long time because I felt like cheating. Salat and meditation, zikr, making wudu and all that became so hollow that I thought I were rejected by Allah himself. But one day, I had a long walk and the sun was shining, my soul's ear heard a whisper: "I am you and you are me".

Sarala said...

Dear M,

Yup, that's it exactly. Except I call it (the state of my spiritual practice) 'diluted.' I'm noticing some sadness in the passing of what seemed at first to be "the most intense, awesome practice/ experience." But since it's happened now a few times, and I've seen that another layer emerge each time, I'm just going along for the ride.

I am now practicing 'bemusement', awaiting the reveal.


Anonymous said...

Greetings everyone
for several months i have felt a little disenchanted, continuing only with basic meditations. My spiritual work has just been so hectic, and demanding that i ended up neglecting myself. Now The Lady has sent people to me who have me starting ritual again, and the world is mine ahppyness and sunshine!
Love Jules

Andrea said...

Musawwir, your article reminds me on John of the Cross and his dark night of the soul. I think it is just a natural process that happens if God takes over. HE is always greater so we have to make space in our souls.