Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Thoughts on Unity

“The worlds are held together by the heat of the sun; each of us are atoms held in position by that eternal Sun we call God. Within us is the same central power we call the light, or the love of God; by it we hold together the human beings within our sphere, or, lacking it, we let them fall.” Hazrat Inayat Khan

Do you ever look at the people around you and just appreciate them? Not saying anything to them, just appreciating? I think it is a special state of consciousness to be aware of and appreciate those around you. As if you are basking in the light of these people.

If you have then you understand the above quote. It is that last phrase that is the kicker.

You will notice that Pir O Murshid says that this light is within us, that the love of God is right there inside of us. Which can seem wonderful and exciting or simply frustrating as we try to figure out just what that means. First of all let us define God. Everyone has their own idea about what that is, in fact in Sufism each person is encouraged to create their own God ideal. This may be a very personal being or it may be an amorphous intelligence, remote and indifferent. What ever your ideal it still remains that you are a part of the Universe and cannot separate yourself from it. That is what he means. Since you are part of it, the Universe or God, you also have the right to use this connective energy, Love, to embrace those around you. I think the first step is acknowledging that you are indeed a part of the Universe or God. That may seem very hard as we are trained to think of ourselves as separate, competitive beings, who must constantly fight others for our place in the world. All too true. Every time you apply for a job and there are other applicants, you are in competition. If you live in a city you compete for parking spaces. There are lots of things like that. Is it possible for you to think of this as living in the world while also being an intrinsic part of it? How to explain? It is as if there are two very distinct things going on. One is the normal competition of every day life and the other is the combined expression of Universal Intelligence that we all are part of.

On a more personal note, when you are with your family or friends, do you compete for food at the table or do you offer tidbits to one another? Do you compete for other things or constantly defer to one another? There are lots and lots of possible dynamics here I realize, not all of them pretty but one must start somewhere.

I am not advocating suddenly embracing someone who has abused you or whom you find difficult. What you can do, however, is see if you can discover how they fit into the Universe, because they obviously are in here with you. This is a very secret place that Pir O Murshid is talking about, a deep awareness of our intrinsic interconnections. So, as I said, it is as if there are two very distinct ways of seeing that are not exclusive of one another, they are just different. One is the realistic observations you make about your immediate environment, taking into account your personality and the personalities of those around you; and the other is the fundamental reality that we are all in this together, along with the planet, the stars, the galaxies and all the beings of all the dimensions of manifestation.

Let me know what these thoughts bring up within you.

Love & Blessings, Musawwir


Sarala said...

I am reminded of the too brief time I spent with a family in Senegal. At mealtime, everyone sat on the floor in a circle. In the center was a large bowl of spiced rice. Around the edges of the bowl were pockets of various vegetables - carrots here, eggplant there. Each of us held a large spoon, larger than a soup spoon. After prayers, each person served the others from the vegetables in front of them. No-one took, only received. And then everyone ate from the same bowl. Without seperate 'my plate's, I found that I ate just enought to satiate my hunger. And without the OK to 'take', the food, which was given, was a blessing much more than physical nurturing.

Uriel said...

Dear Musawwir,

I do know that feeling of basking in another presence appreciating their being it is wonderful and I know at that time of connectedness that I would do whatever is needed.
At work, I have spent the last two years at work with a protective cocoon around myself and now I am just starting to connect with the people I work with. I am making a conscious effort to engage.

I have noticed that I often have to nudge myself to grasp opportunities to engage even during times where it should be obvious that friendship and community demanded it.

Things to think about

Jules said...

Greetings All,
that deep feeling of contentedness, that swells within side of you, that makes your eyes swell till the tears form. The feeling of uncondtional love, i have this very same feeling everyday when i look at my children. They have grown from my own body, and are so very unique, but yet will always be part of me.
And then there are those even more momentous feelings when we are all together doing nothing in particular like snuggling under a blanket, unity.
Today is the 9th of July and here in Australia our two miners who have been trapped 1km underground have been freed after 14days. That same feelings of warmth, love, tears, and oneness the miracle theat is life can be felt everywhere here today it is a wonderous thing.
It is only sad that it has taken such a tragedy to bring this nation to this moment.
Love and Blessings Jules