Friday, October 14, 2005

“There are some, the closer destiny brings together, the further are their hearts thrown apart; and there are others, the further destiny throws apart, the closer are their hearts brought together.” Hazrat Inayat Khan
Every so often someone will ask me what I think of as ‘the destiny question.’ Usually it is a question about the nature of destiny such as does destiny or fate actually exist? But what is really being asked is, “Am I okay? Am I doing the right things?” or something of that nature.
When one studies this idea, what we call destiny, one can perhaps begin to see that a great deal of Destiny is in fact the condition of the world. For instance a person raised in the US will have a very different outlook on life than a person raised in the Caucasus. They may even be born on the same day, have close to identical astrological charts but still their attitudes will be very different, what they think is possible will be very different.
My very best friend on the whole planet, besides my wife, is a woman who lives in Vienna Austria. One could say that we met purely by accident. I happened to see her name on a news group that I occasionally looked at and right away noticed that she has, or had, it has since changed, the same spiritual name as mine. I wrote her a personal note, we started corresponding and found that we have much in common. Further than that we discovered a kind of sibling love that became deeper the longer we talked. Eventually she and her husband visited us in New York and the love became even deeper. I think we both feel much better about the world knowing that our spiritual sibling exists. In fact I think that we are able to support one another and aid our individual spiritual lives as a result of having found one another. To me the question then is, what prompted her to write her note to the news group, something I found later she would not ordinarily do, and what prompted me to scroll down far enough to find her name and send a note. Destiny? Fate? There is no question between us that we are connected at a soul level and this prompted our discovering one another. It simply had to be. And, as Pir O Murshid says above, the distance serves to bring our hearts closer together.
That is just a tiny example of how things really work. In our limited perspective we want to ascribe these things to all sorts of magical reasons or simple coincidence. Gosh this could turn into a whole chapter in my next book. Destiny is a very deep study of the interrelationships of the Soul, Divine Intent, Physical Conditions and many many other factors.
Let’s see what we can come up with.
Love & Blessings, Musawwir


Beatrix Kiddo said...

Does one's direction on the lifepath flitter here or there depending on which way the wind blows? Is the course steered by only our conscious decision's and calamities? Or maybe the tinkering of something bigger and hopefully wiser that moves our gamepiece to the next space?
Is it a combination of all? Probably. I have over many years found the answer to be deceptive, at times Iam sure that I alone control all , then some divine intervention or unexpected aid comes to the rescue and Iam certain it is fate. Maybe God helps at times. It is very deep for sure. The answer is that we will not know for sure until all is revealed in the end.

Nurelhuda said...

Destiny and potential. Depends what we make of it I guess because there is that element of free will involved.I call it the path made easy. Not the easiest way out , no..but the path made easy.
Have I said this before here? Example like when Prince Charming wanted to rescue Sleeping Beauty the forest simply opened up for was his path made easy. Like for me , the path made easy was to go overseas to find my spiritual teacher would have thought the easier way would be to find my teacher in my own town ..and there are teachers here...

Qalbi said...

From "The Soul Whence & Wither:" "Life is a journey from one pole to another, and the perfection of the conscious life is the final destiny of the imperfect life. In other words, every aspect of life in this world of variety gradually evolves from imperfection to perfection; and if life's evolution were not so in its nature, there would be no difference between life and death, for life on the surface is nothing but the phenomena of contrast. This, then, is another way of expressing what is the purpose of life."

Do you suppose it's this evolution toward perfection that causes the hearts to react the way they do in your reading?

I think that people are also most interested in Destiny when it comes to romance. When we fall in love romantically, we hope that it was destiny - and what we mean is that we hope it fulfills us forever, sort of like destiny as an insurance policy. (If there is such an insurance policy, can I buy it? - though I'd better find the object to insure first!)

Sophia said...

A few stunning things happened in my life, when the right person or the right event appeared at the right moment. There was an inner urge to go forward and to decide my direction and looking back now to my life I see that everything makes a sense.I am sure I didn´t catch everything which was offered to me. But I got more opportunities if one failed. My contribution was to follow these intuitions. - I believe that everybody has got the destiny for his life from birth and it depends what we make of it. - To speak more spiritually... I feel to be in a good keeping if I only listen thoroughly

Qalbi said...

I know this isn't necessarily what you're referring to exactly. I wonder about how we would know the difference between twin-souls and others to whom we are drawn in some ways, and I suppose it doesn't matter? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

"Again there may be two souls born in different countries, brought up by different parents, belonging to different races and nations, and yet their thought and mind and feeling may be akin. They would attract one another, they would supply to one another what is needed in their lives. They may be man and woman, or man and man, or woman and woman, they can be best friends, they can be good partners, they may even be in the capacity of master and servant, but they are twin-souls, true twin-souls."
"The Soul Whence & Wither", Chapter 14

Musawwir said...

It is interesting that you found that particular quote. I can say that what we know as twin souls simply recognize one another. There is an affinity that is unmistakable. I do not know any other way to describe it. There is this kind of myth rife in society of one's soul mate, or twin soul, and it is all about marriage, etc. I say myth because this person is supposed to be the one person in the world that completes you. That simply is not the case, you must complete yourself. Your twin soul, whoever it might be, does not complete you, they are you, in a different form. I don't know how else to put it. And you just know this. It does not mean you somehow must give up your life and move in together. Not at all. In the case of my friend, we have separate lives and have no intention of changing. The real magic lies in knowing the other person actually exists. How you find this person who is your mirror is something I cannot answer. We feel extraordinarily fortunate in having found one another. I know a couple of sisters that are the same and I imagine there are others. I know there must be. So, to answer your question, the difference is in knowing that this is your soul sibling. We are drawn to all manner of beings for all sorts of reasons, your soul sibling however is you.

Anonymous said...

Greetings All
Affinity and shared kinship.
I believe that we choose the lives we live before we are born, there is no such thing as coincidence. The people we meet have information for us to collect and assimilate, or else we do for them.
From this we make further choices. The path we choose before we are born is offered up to us as we awaken, "for each souls attainment is according to its evolution".
We gravitate toward those with a similar attatchments as those we ourselves own.
Blessed be.

Kabakkuk said...

This is all very nice and comforting if you never experienced tragedy in your life, you would not come up with " we choose the lives we live before we are born". What mindless dribble! Destiny? Ask yourself what if you had taken the dead end promotion versus an uncertain career, but more challenging, or married that other pretty girl you knew in high school? How different would you life be? God gave us the ability to make choices, ergo - destiny?

molly said...

perhaps destiny can be the awareness that the choices you make (free will) will lead to experiences your soul requests but does not demand (destiny)

Anonymous said...

My Dear Kabakkuk one should never make blase comments about those one does not know! The choices we make and our destinies are entwined. Our destiny is the evolution of our soul, i did not say that the life you are living now will lead to your final destination!